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The key to our success has been the ability to match you, our employees with jobs that suit your skills and experience. This keeps you satisfied, productive and motivated which in turn, keeps our client companies satisfied.

Why Us?

  • Over 27 combined years experience in job placement.
  • On site reps evaluate skills, personality and career goals in order to match applicants with available positions that allow the applicant to reach their highest and best potential.
  • Every Application is completely confidential and there is never a fee for the applicant.
  • Employee Benefits for our temporary employees include: Vacation pay, Holiday pay and Health Insurance.
  • We market your resume! We talk directly to company heads and human resources managers personally about your qualifications.
  • There is never a fee.
  • Top Pay, Top Benefits, Top Companies.



Topstaffingagenciesnearme.com was created to satisfy a growing labor need in the hospitality industry.  After working in a labor intensive field, where we spent more time recruiting, selecting and training, new associates, than we did on our core business activities.  Or so it seemed.  We decided to develop a business plan that concentrated on solving the same business problem that we faced.

In order to meet our clients expectations, the more traditional methods of working with outside agencies didn’t quite fit our needs.  A temporary agency seemed too expensive and necessitated constant training. Employee leasing seemed like it was too rigid for our changing needs and seasonality.  Therefore, we developed a hybrid of the two models, where we had a more permanent team member, whose hours we could fluctuate with the needs of the business.  In addition, we set a pricing schedule that fit every situation and in most cases was a less costly alternative to hiring.  This assumed that there were costs associated with recruiting the associate, paying employee wages, paying matching taxes and insurance, workman’s compensation insurance, and paying for an employee’s benefit package (including paid time off and insurance).  In general we attempt to keep your costs the same or lower than hiring an associate yourself.  Blazing Star Staffing is your HR alternative, as we have positioned ourselves in the market place as an alternative to hiring “off the street”.

In businesses where there is a high turnover percentage, our business model is perfect.  Janitorial or custodial firms benefit greatly by having their positions filled so operation managers can concentrate on the quality of their product, rather than reacting to an ongoing absenteeism problem.

Hotel and resort management teams have embraced this type of staffing model due to the focus we place on providing your business with an exceptional associate, without the burden of direct employment.  The hospitality industry is known for experiencing “highs and lows” in their business cycle.  This makes it very challenging to build and maintain a core staff.  This is where we fit into the mold.  We become the “flexible” part of your staff, adjusting staffing levels as your business dictates.